Ombuds Functions of the Office of Faculty Affairs

The Deans for Faculty Affairs also serve in an ombuds role for the faculty of the Biological Sciences Division.  We aim to be an open place for a member of the faculty to come for informal, yet confidential discussion and assistance with finding support or strategies to solve workplace problems or problems that arise at the intersection of workplace and personal matters.  Often issues are best resolved within departments, and we encourage faculty to speak with their chairs, section chiefs or other appropriate department appointees as first options for support and guidance.  

In their ombuds role, the Deans for Faculty Affairs will listen to faculty members and act as sounding boards. They do not conduct investigations or oversee grievance processes, but may be able to suggest options for addressing issues raised, such as mechanisms for conflict resolution or specific services or resources the University provides.  The Deans can support faculty as they work toward resolution of an issue or strategize on next steps.  They can also maintain faculty anonymity while communicating complaints or other input to appropriate offices in the Division or University, if requested by the faculty member.  All discussions will be confidential and information will not be disclosed unless there is an imminent threat to safety or serious harm or if required by law.  

The Deans for Faculty Affairs also monitor patterns of problems, such as recurring confusion about a policy, and bring such situations to the attention of the Division or the University.

University Resources:

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